Fancy Popcorn

Sunday. Pj’s. TV. Equals popcorn. Fancy popcorn. So how would you make popcorn fancy? I’ve got TWO recipes so buckle in because you’re in for a double treat. I have my heart set on a particular one but I want to make this blog very popular so I can become a full time blogger… Just kidding…

Whether you are a sweettooth or a savourytooth you’ll find your likness here. However, if you’re lookong for some healthy snacks inspos here just STOP READING NOW, or you won’t be able to say no to the temptation.

Let’s talk about the salted caramel popcorn, which you can make in the comfort of your home.

What you need:

  • 1 bag of microwave popcorn -salted
  • 4 tbs of sugar
  • 3 tbs of butter
  • 1 tbs water
  • 2 pinch of salt

Add the sugar and the water to a sauce pan and on medium high heat start the caramelization process. Don’t stir it, just let it start melting and slowly turning golden brown. Keep an eye on the process to make sure you don’t burn your caramel. When it’s dark golden brown add the butter and the salt and mix them together. Be very careful because caramel is super hot, so don’t burn yourself.

Get your corn popped Andy Warhol style, and in a big bowl mix the popcorn and the caramel.

And my ALL TIME FAVORITE movie night snack is the waitforit… TRUFFLE popcorn. Yea, Fam. Truffle, y’all heard me right. And yes, I do know how to live.

What you need:

1 bag of mirowave popcorn (surprisingly)

  • 4 tbs of butter
  • 2 tsp of truffle oil
  • 1/2 clove of garlic (stricktly not for first date nights)

This will be even more fuss-free. Melt ze butter, mix it with the truffle oil and the grated garlic and mix it with your popped corn aaaaaand waitforit:


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