Healthy(ish) Snack

Was going to make this tonight as a healthy snack, but it was too bloody cold when I left work and I was too keen on getting into the warm and into my Pj's so I was left only daydreaming about it. It spicy, it's crispy and it's absolutely delish. What you'll need (just for… Continue reading Healthy(ish) Snack

Dessert, Snack

Uninspired Dessert

Lemme tell you something. There are three things that I cannot resist in life. No. 1 puppies. But (un)fortunately you can’t eat puppies. No. 2 would be chips - which I can indeed unfortunately eat, but if it comes to chips I’m an old fashioned, frozen-chips  (strictly the thin ones) kinda gal. No. 3 is… Continue reading Uninspired Dessert